Combine the advantages of independent learning with online French conversation classes given by the experienced language teachers at UvA Talen. You will get to practice the vocabulary and sentences that you learn during your French e-learning course with a teacher in real time.


French e-learning course
The French e-learning course consists of 11 dynamic lessons which you take at your own pace, where and when you like. You will learn new vocabulary and grammar, and practice reading and writing skills, as well as the pronunciation of words and sounds. You will also practice making sentences.

In combination with tailor-made French conversation classes
One-on-one conversation classes will give you lots of opportunity to practice your speaking skills. At the beginners’ levels, the private French lessons emphasize the pronunciation of words and sounds. You will learn how to pronounce simple sentences and answer simple questions. For instance, you can practice introducing yourself, ordering food at a restaurant, or talking about work or leisure activities.

From level B1, you will practice more detailed conversations. You will learn to use more complex sentence structures and how to hold a telephone conversation or speak in a job interview, for example. You can let us know precisely what you want to focus on during the online private French lessons. Our teachers are there to help you learn in accordance with your wishes.

5 or 10 French conversation classes
You can opt for a package of 5 or 10 private French lessons in combination with an e-learning course of 6 or 12 months. Each one-hour lesson will take place online on an agreed digital platform.

Flexible planning
We will schedule your French conversation classes in consultation with you and your teacher. The lessons can be scheduled during the period of your French course (6 or 12 months).

Click on the French course of your choice and enroll for the course right away! If you are unsure of your level, each course page has a link to a demo version of the course.

Any questions?
Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.