Italian Beginners 1

Level: A1

The Italian Beginners 1 online course introduces you to the lives of four young professionals living in Amsterdam. You encounter these characters in all sorts of everyday situations and learn sentences and expressions that you can put into practice right away. Things you will learn include how to introduce yourself, how to order a drink and how to buy groceries. This course is for absolute beginners: no prior knowledge of Italian is needed.

What do you learn in Italian Beginners 1?

  • How to say the Italian alphabet
  • Spelling simple Italian words
  • Using common Italian words
  • Correct pronunciation of the most important Italian sounds
  • Understanding and using simple, everyday Italian expressions and sentences
  • Introducing yourself and asking and answering questions in Italian

Course level
The Italian Beginners 1 course takes you to level A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Upon completion of the Italian Beginners 1 course, you will receive a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Language settings
This course is available in the interface languages English and Dutch.

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If you would like to practice your speaking skills some more, you can purchase 5 or 10 conversation lessons lasting one hour to supplement your Italian e-learning course. These private Italian lessons are given by experienced UvA Talen language teachers. At the beginners’ levels, the emphasis is on practicing pronunciation. You will learn how to pronounce simple sentences and have basic conversations, as well as practicing sounds and words. You can let us know what you want to focus on during the online private Italian lessons. Our teachers are there to help you learn in accordance with your wishes. For more information, check out Online+Teacher or get in touch with us.


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